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Types of Appliances


Bite Turbo

Small acrylic blocks that are placed in the back of your teeth in order for the teeth to move more rapidly.



We connect small elastomeric rubber bands from one tooth to another to improve positioning.


Fixed Retainer

This is typically used after your treatment is completed. We bond custom-made wires to the inside of your upper and lower arches to hold your teeth in place. These are used along with removeable clear retainers.


Herbst Appliance

We use a Herbst in more severe overbite cases as an alternative to jaw surgery. This appliance can even be used on adults and is believed to stimulate lower jaw growth, which delivers stability after your braces come off.


Damon® System

The Damon® System uses passive self-ligating braces that eliminate the need for elastic or metal “ties”. This treatment moves teeth faster and requires fewer adjustments.