Larry Markel, Dentist, South Charlotte

Posted September 18, 2021

When I moved to Charlotte and first met Dr Keith Sellers almost 10 years ago I knew he was a fine gentleman. Now that he has finished treating both my boys I know him to be an extraordinary orthodontist with the most uncompromising commitment to be the finest doctor and to create the most beautiful and healthy smiles for each and every one of his patients. I know. I am a dentist with over 30 years experience who has worked closely with many very talented orthodontists caring for hundreds of my patients.

There is no doctor I know who uses technology better or cares more and roots harder for all his patients of all ages than Dr Keith Sellers. Each case is special and some cases are especially difficult and I have seen Dr Keith applying all his knowledge, experience and artistry to create results that even I did not think possible. Dr Sellers is 5***** PLUS!!