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Five Beautiful Farley Sisters
Five Beautiful Sellers' Smiles

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Welcome to Sellers Orthodontics

Creating BEAUTIFUL SMILES in the Charlotte, NC area for over 30 years.

What makes a “Sellers’ Smile” so special? We focus on enhancing the entire smile and overall face by normalizing and balancing facial features such as profiles, lip contours, smile widths, and gingival display as well as beautifully aligned teeth. We are experts with both the Damon® System and Invisalign® invisible braces, being recognized by Invisalign as an Top 1% provider which places us in the top 1% in the world.

We invite you to spend a few minutes viewing our office video to learn more.

Our Treatment Philosophy

  • Utilize and maximize your growth potential to balance facial profiles without invasive surgery
  • We rarely extract permanent teeth
  • Create proper width to the smile using the light forces of the Damon System of braces
  • Using a state-of-the-art laser, beautifully contour your gingival display
  • No headgear
  • No rapid palatal expanders
Please call for a complimentary consultation!! We look forward to creating your beautiful smile!!

Patient Testimonials

We have used Sellers Orthodontics for all three of our boys. The experiences were all consistently top-notch and the resulting smiles are beautiful! I love the efficient set-up of the practice. From scheduling appointments to check out, their system runs very smoothly with very little wait time. The waiting room is comfortable offering coffee, video games for children and siblings, and frozen yogurt for the ride home or back to school. The entire staff is friendly and professional. We have been so pleased to spend our "orthodontic years" with Dr. Sellers!

Beth Gage

8 years ago, I looked like a vampire, with two fangs and teeth all over the place. I wish I could include pictures here, but I had an array of teeth rather than two rows. Every orthodontist I spoke with at the time just acknowledged as fact that many teeth would need to be pulled. Dr. Sellers said that he, using the Damon system, could make it happen without my losing any permanent teeth. He wasn't kidding. Long story short, my smile is so great that I gained the nickname "The Walking Crest Commercial". Coincidentally, I just got an engineering job to make Crest toothpaste-- pretty nice for a former vampire! Dr. Sellers cares about the whole aesthetic of your face (he even measures and designs treatment around your airways!) and isn't eager to pull teeth. Highly recommended!

Alexander Kim

I've been in the orthodontic industry for more than 12 years and recently had the privilege to work with Dr. Sellers, until, unfortunately, my husband was transferred to Indianapolis. He is so much more than an orthodontist! He is a visionary, a master of his craft, an expert in creating incredible, stunning smiles. The staff at Sellers Orthodontics is first-class! The environment is family friendly from the front door to the clinic. Every staff member is passionate about their mission to provide an experience that is of highest quality. I wish every orthodontist was as passionate as Dr. Sellers! I miss working for him and learning from him! He truly is the best! If you are searching for an orthodontist, do not miss the opportunity to have Dr. Sellers evaluate you!

Nancy Hickey

My daughter (14 1/2) had a wonderful experience at Dr. Sellers' office. Here's her review: “My favorite thing about being at Sellers Orthodontics is that the staff is very caring and helpful! I always feel welcome and important.“ I was always impressed at the prompt service and ease of making appointments with Dr. Sellers' very professional staff.

Tina Rogovin

The treatment was very effective and did not take long at all. The staff is amazing and always smiling. Thank you Dr. Sellers and staff for your great service!

Juan Johnna Vicente

Orthodontist Dr. Sellers and his staff are the best in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was visiting Charlotte from Los Angeles and he did emergency orthodontic repair for me that I would put up against the best in the world. Beverly Hills, California to the Ballantyne area in Charlotte, North Carolina, I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of his artistic and technical skills in cosmetic dentistry. I thought my teeth and smile looked great but Dr. Sellers truly made my smile look better than I thought possible without extra money. He merely provided the skill and an eye for detail that took an average repair to a surprising and unexpected transformation. Thanks so much to you and your amazing staff Dr. Sellers. Wishing you and your staff much luck, happiness and success.

Aaron Kenny