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Darlene P

General dentist vs. Orthodontist for Invisalign treatment… I came to Dr. Sellers out of desperation searching for the expert to correct mistakes from a general dentist that had attempted for 2 years and 6 months to straighten my teeth with Invisalign. I was EXTREMELY distraught that after 30 months of treatment by a general dentist,… Read more »

Alexander Kim

8 years ago, I looked like a vampire, with two fangs and teeth all over the place. I wish I could include pictures here, but I had an array of teeth rather than two rows. Every orthodontist I spoke with at the time just acknowledged as fact that many teeth would need to be pulled…. Read more »

Beth Gage

We have used Sellers Orthodontics for all three of our boys. The experiences were all consistently top-notch and the resulting smiles are beautiful! I love the efficient set-up of the practice. From scheduling appointments to check out, their system runs very smoothly with very little wait time. The waiting room is comfortable offering coffee, video… Read more »

Larry Markel, Dentist, South Charlotte

When I moved to Charlotte and first met Dr Keith Sellers almost 10 years ago I knew he was a fine gentleman. Now that he has finished treating both my boys I know him to be an extraordinary orthodontist with the most uncompromising commitment to be the finest doctor and to create the most beautiful… Read more »

Greg Stoll, Orthodontist, Denver, CO

Dr Sellers and his team are phenomenal! I’m an orthodontist in Denver, CO and brought my top 2 team members to learn greater systems and efficiencies from Dr Sellers and his team today, and these systems and ideas will significantly impact my practice and team for the rest of my career! Dr Sellers and his… Read more »

Nancy Hickey

I’ve been in the orthodontic industry for more than 12 years and recently had the privilege to work with Dr. Sellers, until, unfortunately, my husband was transferred to Indianapolis. He is so much more than an orthodontist! He is a visionary, a master of his craft, an expert in creating incredible, stunning smiles. The staff… Read more »

Don Demas, Orthodontist, Connecticut

I am an orthodontist in Connecticut. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day with Dr Sellers and his team. I was amazed at their expertise reflected in their creating beautiful smiles especially in difficult cases!! I could feel the positive energy among all the staff whose customer service is beyond words! If you… Read more »

Aaron Kenny

Orthodontist Dr. Sellers and his staff are the best in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was visiting Charlotte from Los Angeles and he did emergency orthodontic repair for me that I would put up against the best in the world. Beverly Hills, California to the Ballantyne area in Charlotte, North Carolina, I could not have been… Read more »